Friday, January 1, 2010

Bathroom - before (ish)

The colors don't come out quite right in the picture but I'm getting ready to paint (decided that I dont have the energy/time to deal with changing the sink/tiles/toilet this month, plus this will give me a chance to try out a color first)

So while the walls are yellow compared with the freshly painted (decorators white) ceiling, they, and the shower tiles, are not quite that yellow. But I'm getting ready to go crazy and paint it all a dark grey (Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal to be exact, the color on the right. it looks black here but is really more of a dark grey).

So on the one hand im kinda chicken, but on the other hand its only paint, but on the third hand it is a dark paint and will be a PITA to paint over, but on the fourth hand i already painted over a bright pink and survived, plus its a small room so it wont be a huge task.

my other thinking is that painting the whole room white will highlight the not totally bright white tiles and floor in a not so favorable way.

so if i havent talked myself out of it by tomorrow i will be at the paint store picking up the paint. plus as a surprise for my husband, who when i asked him what color he would paint the bathroom showed me a bright orange swatch, im painting the inside of the medicine cabinet (on the right wall you cant see in the picture), bright orange. i think it will look nice with the dark walls and white cabinet. or not. but then i can paint it again right?

the one other option would be to paint the medicine cabinet outside in the same grey (but a more glossy finish) so it blends into the walls more and the orange is more of a pop.

thoughts? or am i crazzzzyyyy on the whole grey thing?

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