Sunday, January 17, 2010

closet, again

I was digging around in the hall closet again and noticed that there was a lot of cold air right by the old mail slot.

The slot was closed off from the outside, but they left the metal tube in the closet. This basically meant there was a 10"x4" hole to the outside. And when the outside can be -30, this is a big deal.

So, excited about a project, off to home depot I went. I had some leftover styrofoam block insulation from insulating the attic door, but I splurged on the x-small roll of the pink fiberglass stuff. It was only $8, and it makes it easier to get into all the nooks. Plus it is pink ;) And oh so fun when you are trying not to inhale the fiberglass bits.

With the supplies it was really quite easy, I cleaned off the little bits of glue that were around the opening. Then cut squares of the pink stuff and stuffed it up in there. Instantly I could feel the difference and the lack of cold draft.

Next I stuck on 2 drywall patches. One was too small so I just layered them.

And finally applied the spackling stuff. This took a little while as it was hard to get a smooth layer that didnt leave holes. It will dry and then I will apply a second coat. And eventually give the closet a good coat of paint.

This was a really fun project, not too complicated and gives instant results AND saves energy. It is also nice not to have that funny metal thing sticking in to the closet.


  1. haha, i was thinking that the whole time i was working on it :)