Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The living room

I have more inspiration pics on my computer than will fit in this post as every time I see something I like I save it. It has actually been really instructive in defining what I want for the living room, rather than having to identify what exactly I like in a given picture I can see the common themes across all the ones I have saved (not very hard)

Lots of white walls, clean lines, wood floors with only small amounts covered with rugs. (and white eames rockers, i have a slight obsession. it took 6 months to convince The Husband that they were not too funny looking and I now have one. And 99% of the time he can be found sitting in it)

And here is what I have pulled together so far:

The chairs I have already, the couch is also basically the one we have. The main piece which is missing is the sideboard/media stand. This one pictured is from room and board (they have a few that I like), but I haven't given up hope on finding a true vintage one.

More lights

I have to admit that currently our apartment has nothing but the cheapest IKEA lights we could buy when we moved it. So I'm enjoying expanding my horizons about lighting options.
Another possibility for the dining room (or maybe the bedroom, I'm going to need light somewhere other than just the dining room right?) is this cool DIY bubble chandelier that was in readymade magazine

The balls to make them are still available at CB2, and you only need 12 of the small ones. Very tempting! I need to wait until my package receiving service is back to accepting packages, but I might go for it.

Also coming with us...

Is this chair which is currently in the living room

I got it for 40 francs at the thrift store, when I got it home it looked like this (the before picture would be more impressive if it had the horrible cushions, but I left those at the thrift store)

Then I spent more than the 40 francs on foam and fabric to make new cushions (they are box style with zippers. And now I have nothing else creative to say about the chair. But I hope it will find a happy place in our new home.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lighting options

I have various ideas going through my head about lighting. In no particular order:

Nelson pendant lamp. I think either of these look great over the table, or maybe in a kitchen?

Tube top lamp. Don't know where this would go but I like it. It also comes in a ton of colors

Arco floor lamp. Love the marble base. Couldn't see myself spending this much on lighting.

Random pendant, apparently made in Netherlands, wonder if I could find a local source before I leave...

Giant white drum pendant (no good picture, just a big huge white shade).


Only a few weeks left to search the Geneva thrift stores for gems before we move. I already have a few great pieces I've picked up for next to nothing. They are all coming with me (well, to be accurate they are all going in a container on a big container ship, I will be getting to Canada via airplane. I am however quite disappointed that I won't be here when the big container comes on the truck down our street to pick up everything. It reminds me of when I was little and we had a new roof put on the house and a big crane came and it was the big excitement of the neighborhood).


Here is one of the furniture pieces that is coming along (I'll share the others as well):

The items on top are also all thrifted. But look, a typewriter, something other than white and black!

And here is what it looked like in the middle of the sanding and staining

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don't yet have a feeling how I want to decorate the walls, but I do have my eyes on a few prints I've liked for a while

This print is called air lines and it is a map of all the scheduled flights on a given day. It appeals to me for a few reasons, flying and traveling the world is a big part of our life, husband really likes maps in all shapes and forms, and i also just like how it looks very graphic and I think it would be striking given the size (A0 poster, so BIG)

This print I love but I've been debating for months now, mostly because I can't decide between the black and white version (am I going to end up with a black and white house?) and the red version (but I'm not sure that I'm really up for the red). Also because I like a few of the others (rising of the setting sun and the new sammy seagull).

The dining area

First the inspiration (i really should have saved these with info about where i got them, but i didnt, so sorry about that...)

And then my take on it:

No bench (husband is strongly against it) but 6 of the chairs (the modernica fiberglass ones, which I think are nicer than the so called official reproductions that are made out of plastic). The dishes are crate and barrel everday, thinking about a set of 12? the wallpaper would be for an accent wall or accent frame.

For the lamp I was thinking of an oversized white drum shade like in some of the pictures, but another option would be a sort of felt version of the capiz pendants you see around. This is my attempt at a sketch. Still thinking about the options here.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I saw these pears from NewMoonStudio on the blog Nestled In and I had to have them. So since they are a handmade Etsy item I broke the rule of waiting till we are actually in the house and ordered them already.

(By the way I love the blog Nestled In, I think I was Scandinavian in a past life. I find it funny that after years of living in apartments where I couldn't paint the walls, I want to paint the whole place in shades of white and gray)

The bedroom plan

First a few of the inspiration pictures:

Notice a theme?
Here is what I've put together for the bedroom

A mix of pieces we have already (bedding, alarm clock, picture, nightstands) and ones I want to get (namely the bed). The grey is for the walls. We currently have a tiny tiny bedroom without even space for a small dresser, but I like how simple and cosy it is. As long as the closet in the new place is big enough (and our closet now is nothing near large) I won't bring a dresser in either.

Just under a month to go...

... before we are off to Canada, and start the search for our new home, and our first house. Which means all the decorating plans I've been scheming since I was about 5 can finally be put fully into place. We don't have the house yet (though I do have my favorites), but I already have the plans, and many many pictures to go with. So here is a little place to put them all together and share with whoever feels like reading.