Sunday, January 3, 2010


i started looking at different tile options, im sort of leaning more towards hex

or my current favorite octagon and dot than penny rounds.

I'm also leaning towards white which I think will work better if we decide to change the paint color one day.

For the sink I havent found anything I like more than the Vero

Still not sure about the vanity, I love the Vero with chrome legs

but having almost 0 storage in the bathroom, while we don't actually use it, seems like it would be killer for resale. not to mention the fact that it could be nice to have.

While I love and drool over super modern bathrooms, I've convinced myself it would look out of place in our 50s home (if we ever move and get one of those modern pre fab homes then I will have one). But I don't want to the "recreate the 50s bathroom down to the avocado green tiles" look either. (or are black walls already super modern?)

Maybe the simple wall mounted vanity would work (lighter wood perhaps?)

It is more on the modern side but I don't think it is over the top.

Pair this with simple streamlined modern fixtures.

Still some thinking and planning to do...


  1. LOVE the paint! But just a warning on the sink...

    I have had bad experiences with this style (at hotels). They look gorgeous, but in my experience they are not very practical. I create a huge water mess when washing my face. Any small splash goes up and over the front side. You just can't get your face as deep into it as you can with a basin. Also, you really have to aim w/the toothpaste spit, because too far to the sides and it won't go down the drain without help.

    Anyway, this is just my review. Maybe others have had better experiences. It does look great... but make sure it works for you.

  2. Those are very good points, I've been trying to pay attention to what I like in sinks at hotels (I should have a lot of possibilities, right) and I totally agree about the deep basin thing. I don't wan to get something that wont be functional. I though this was deeper than some but I will have to check when I see it in person.
    I hadn't considered the lack of space at the front edge though, maybe a solid surface sink/counter is the way to go instead. I like the IKEA one, but there the problem is the sink is super shallow.

  3. We have one a bit like the top one on legs. We wouldn't get one like that again. It's so much more practical to have a cupboard underneath for storage.