Tuesday, January 29, 2013

boys rooms

N's room
N's room, other side
B's room (which originally had both cribs) so we split up the boys around 6 months (or was it 4? or 9? i truly have no memory of the first year) as part of the phase where we did anything that would have the smallest possibility of getting them to stop waking up 3+ times a night each. (for the record, it didnt help. nothing did till we nighweaned and did Ferber style CIO at 13 months). for most of the time N was sleeping in a crib shoved into the corner of what used to be the guest room. I finally got around to clearing out the room and putting together some art for the walls and hanging up shelves for the white noise machines. I would still like to put them back in the same room together one day, but will probably wait a bit as they seem to need different amounts of sleep in the morning, and nap better when they are on their own.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

baby play mat

baby play mat by sara.cali
baby play mat, a photo by sara.cali on Flickr.

I guess this is going to be yet another one of those blogs about houses that turns into blogs about baby stuff. Guilty.

But all of my decorating/crafting energy is going into the babies lately.

Latest is this baby gym/play mat. The gym is from IKEA (apparently being discontinued). I actually purchased one of those ones from babies r us, took it out of the box, and couldn't get over the polyester plastic fabric and the plastic toys (yes, I know, not that big of a deal, but while I have nothing but time to obsess over these things, obsess I will!).

So back it goes to the store, and I made a super simple quilt using a tutorial from purl bee, this super clever method for making applique circles (wayyy simpler than all those other ones I found online where you need templates or make them out of wax paper, etc., and heavy duty IKEA fabric i had in my stash, perfect!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

in the meantime

the bed in its new home in the larger bedroom:

and the little laundry basket i made out of felt in the corner:

not sure how this room will change, i like it simple but it feels like it is missing one or two last things.

Monday, March 29, 2010

bedroom wall

we tried sleeping downstairs. turns out wood floors are really good at transmitting the sound of cats, jumping onto them. so at 4 in the morning we heard "thunk" x 100 as they jumped up and down from the window. not so much.

so we are back upstairs. and im still trying to decide what to do with the second bedroom (which we are currently using as ours, moved the guest bed into what was our bedroom). i painted it all a fresh white and ordered a saucer pendant for the ceiling.

i have this image of a wall of wallpaper behind the teak headboard. havent found just the right thing yet, but ferm livings new collection caught my eye. i kind of love it (am i crazy?)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


thinking about a wall of wallpaper behind the headboard in the other bedroom. current contenders:

more random posting...

(Also, where to find the flower one for purchase in the us/canada??? it is eco brand, the name of the print is "decorama", ive loved it since i saw it on Nestled In but my google skills fail me :(

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Always scheming

We have a house guest staying with us for 2 weeks (a student of the husbands) and its sparked some rethinking about the way things are organized.

I am a big believer in having things set up for the way you live 90% of the time, but we have more and more guests lined up for the future, and it feels like we could improve the bathroom situation.

The house has 1.75 baths (is that the technical term? one full bath and one bath that just has a shower, no tub). the 3/4 bath is downstairs in the lower level. Its not quite a basement, it has a full size window, but it is half underground.

This is currently where the cats sleep/stay when we are not home, thus rendering the second bath not very much used (we have the kind of cats that like to get into trouble with whatever you leave laying around).

So the wacky idea we came up with this weekend is to change things all around. Turn the downstairs into a master suite of sorts, its a HUGE room (14 ft by almost 20 ft), with the attached bathroom. Use what is now our bedroom as the guest room, which will then have its own bath just around the corner (and the bathroom we will use most often during the day), put the cats in what is now the guest room, and turn what is now my room (which has all my clothes) into the sewing room/office.

The master could turn our really nice I think, has enough space to put in some big IKEA wardrobes or some kind of open clothing storage, it has the laundry room just off the side, and due to some weirdness with the heating vents, is actually the warmest room in the house.

The wacky part is the cats would have the master bedroom, but I'm sure they will enjoy it :)

As far as things to do, I would need to put down a new floor downstairs (thinking about a glossy white laminate), and do some painting. Otherwise possibly tile the downstairs bathroom, the sink and toilet are in great shape, there is a nice sized closet, and a very nice floor to ceiling tiled shower.

So... watch this space!