Sunday, December 20, 2009

more bathroom

I'm going to go ahead with the bathroom early next year. The plan is to change the sink (I'm pretty set on one of the two posted below), put down new tile, and change to a dual flush toilet.

What I'm clueless on is the tile/paint/vanity (so pretty much everything but the sink).
For the tiles I have 3 favorites:

1 50s era penny rounds, or other similar
2 very large white glossy (glass?) modern tiles
3 darker slate tiles

The walls would depend on the tile, if its 1 or 2 then dark grey, if it is 3 then white

The vanity, again depending on the rest of the colors, but either a darker wood, or a shiny white.

I can't decide how much to stick with the era of the house vs something more modern.

Monday, December 14, 2009

More bathroom

I found the sink(s) of my dreams (do I dream of sinks? I dont think so, but if I did it would be this/these).

From Duravit

From Hastings

I love the dual faucets, and the slightly larger ledge at the back which is just enough space for a few things (but not too much space, we keep most of the bathroom "stuff" in the cabinet. I imagine it sitting on top of a nice wood (dark but not too dark) clean lined vanity.

ETA: This is a very dangerous combination, dreaming about a bathroom remodel the week I should hear about my bonus at work, and a few weeks before my birthday.
To go with the sink I would like a glossy white bathroom floor also please.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie...

You know that book? Where you start with the cookie and you end up with, um, a bunch of things (I don't know what exactly, but a lot of stuff). That is how I feel about our bathroom. I would like to spruce it up a bit, the shower and tub are actually in pretty good shape, but it starts with needing a coat of paint.

Of course if I give it a coat of paint, I'm going to want to paint behind the toilet.

And if I have to remove the toilet to get it really well painted back there (I want to go from white to a dark charcoal, so it needs to get done well), I will want to replace it with a dual flush model.

And if I'm changing the toilet, I will want to have tiles laid down (it is currently a laminte, which is just sort of eh, and the whole room can't be more than like 15 sq ft so it wouldn't cost that much_

And if I get a new floor, I will want to change out the vanity (a sort of blah 80s thing which isn't wide enough for 2 sinks, would love to replace it with a trough sink with two faucets on top of a simple clean line vanity).

At which point the desire to put some paint on the walls means a whole bathroom redo.

I wonder how much that would cost...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

in case anyone is still reading...

surely everyone is using google reader right?

the dining room is done! before


who wants to come over for dinner?