Monday, January 18, 2010

can you love cabinets?

it sounds silly. but if you can, i sure love these

They are from Viola Park, the slightly less expensive little sister of henrybuilt. I've been googling for mid century modern-ish cabinets for a good 6 months and only now found these. Apparently they came out about 6 months ago (ah, lame google skills). They are just what I want for the kitchen and bathroom. A little bit MCM inspired (in the pigment laquer) without being over the top.

I've contacted them to see if they recommend against using them in the bathroom for any reason. If not I'm thinking a single sink cabinet will solve my vanity woes.

Of course then its time to pick the color. They have a range of whites and grays (more love!). I do like the super duper dark walls as is, but I'm thinking of going back to something a bight lighter if I do replace the tiles/toilet/vanity. But I can't decide if I want a combo of whites (tiles, walls, vanity, sink) or more something white/off white/light grey (and if so, which elements which colors). The other undecided pieces are the bathroom lights, faucets, toilet, etc.

If all goes well I would like to use them for the kitchen as well. I had always had a plan there to do dark cabinets plus white solid surface countertops, but I do like the whites and lights they have as well. This is a longer term plan though so only thoughts there.


  1. HI, we just found your blog and it's great! We're planning to move soon, so it's great to see lots of lovely ideas.

  2. The cabinets are great and I love the super skinny countertop!

  3. lousie and nivalod - thanks!

    Liz, ohh, good catch, i didn't even think about how the countertop is really skinny. I love that look also!