Sunday, January 31, 2010

Always scheming

We have a house guest staying with us for 2 weeks (a student of the husbands) and its sparked some rethinking about the way things are organized.

I am a big believer in having things set up for the way you live 90% of the time, but we have more and more guests lined up for the future, and it feels like we could improve the bathroom situation.

The house has 1.75 baths (is that the technical term? one full bath and one bath that just has a shower, no tub). the 3/4 bath is downstairs in the lower level. Its not quite a basement, it has a full size window, but it is half underground.

This is currently where the cats sleep/stay when we are not home, thus rendering the second bath not very much used (we have the kind of cats that like to get into trouble with whatever you leave laying around).

So the wacky idea we came up with this weekend is to change things all around. Turn the downstairs into a master suite of sorts, its a HUGE room (14 ft by almost 20 ft), with the attached bathroom. Use what is now our bedroom as the guest room, which will then have its own bath just around the corner (and the bathroom we will use most often during the day), put the cats in what is now the guest room, and turn what is now my room (which has all my clothes) into the sewing room/office.

The master could turn our really nice I think, has enough space to put in some big IKEA wardrobes or some kind of open clothing storage, it has the laundry room just off the side, and due to some weirdness with the heating vents, is actually the warmest room in the house.

The wacky part is the cats would have the master bedroom, but I'm sure they will enjoy it :)

As far as things to do, I would need to put down a new floor downstairs (thinking about a glossy white laminate), and do some painting. Otherwise possibly tile the downstairs bathroom, the sink and toilet are in great shape, there is a nice sized closet, and a very nice floor to ceiling tiled shower.

So... watch this space!


  1. Sounds like fun! Though it also sounds like you've been duped by your cats. I guess there's no sense in fighting it ;)

  2. Very true, they rule the house with their threat of eating inappropriate things :)

  3. So does this mean if I come visit I have to share a room with the cats?

  4. nope, you will get your own room PLUS bathroom!