Saturday, January 2, 2010


I decided at the paint store that dark grey wasnt dark enough, and picked out a very very dark grey (Benjamin Moore Soot). I freaking *love* it! Somehow the dark color makes the room look twice as tall (so much so that its kind of weird when you walk up to it and someone is in the room, they look like a midget). And the bright lime green inside the medecine cabinet turned out super fun looking (It still gets its white cover put back over it, at least thats the plan).

I'm glad I gave the black a try, even the husband who usually doesn't care about paint says it looks great. I think it will look even greater when we get a new floor (white penny rounds?) and a new vanity/sink/mirror/lights, but I'm glad I did the painting first, and I'm happy to live with it until we get around to changing that stuff as well.


  1. I freakin' love it! I was just thinking about you and your bathroom paint today and hoping you would go with the darker gray. I vote dark floor tile, though... maybe matte black penny rounds?

  2. I love it! I thought you were going to paint the medicine cabinet orange? If penny rounds are the same as hex tile, then I definitely vote for those. If they aren't, then I don't know what they are. :) I'd go with white like you said.

  3. Thanks!
    Good point about the orange, he saw a bright green yesterday and liked that too, I think it was more about a bright color than the exact shade.

    I think hex tile are slightly different than penny round? But they are quite similar and I like both. I wonder about something kind of light grey, well there is time to decide still... but I like hte idea of matte

  4. looking at these pictures I think I also need to move the shower bar to the top of the wall and get a longer curtain, maybe plain white waffle or something.

  5. Love the dark walls. We painted one wall in our kitchen in a dark olive green and it has such a great impact. It's surprising how well it works.