Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bedroom lights

I think I found them! And they aren't crazy expensive like some of the others I like

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Also, I'm crazy with the paint

I painted the living room and dining room a few weekends ago.

Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore.

I hate it.

A combo of too much reading online/too little testing colors on my walls.
I told myself it was fine, that I would go with it. But I'm ready to admit that I hate it. And I'm changing it this weekend. To a pure cool white. And yes, I know a warmer white would be warmer in the winter. But I have a furnace, and I live in a place that is very very cold but also very sunny. And the room has 4 giant South facing windows.

I'm just glad I decided before I also painted the hallway, and the bathroom, etc. etc.

Pictures to come when it is the nice pure white I wanted all along.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So I will pretend people read this blog in Google reader and thus are totally unperturbed by the lack of updates.

I got a toaster this one

it looks like this.

For some reason I have been looking for a toaster for weeks, unable to make a decision. Do you get like that about random things? I'm pretty sure I spent more time looking for a toaster than a car, and about as much time as I spent looking for all the rest of the appliances (fridge, dishwasher, stove). And actually I haven't owned a toaster for 5 years because I never got one in France (i guess partially because the bread there doesn't really need a toaster)

So come on over, toast at my place.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bedroom, again

it is inching along but getting closer to being done. the two main unfinished items are the window covering and the bedside lamps

for window covering, it is a very wide but short window. i was thinking honeycomb blinds, as i think floor length curtains might be too fussy, but then if they are plain white maybe it would work. long window is annoying because it = custom necessary. none of the off the shelf honeycomb blinds are wide enough. same with most of the curtain rods. (i didnt see the point in paying for temporary shades so that is some packing paper taped up to the window frame, classy!)

for the bedside lamps, i had a square one for me, but it got a little crowded on the nightstand now that the clock radio is here. im thinking maybe little ones you can clip onto the headboard above the nightstand, something in chrome?