Sunday, December 20, 2009

more bathroom

I'm going to go ahead with the bathroom early next year. The plan is to change the sink (I'm pretty set on one of the two posted below), put down new tile, and change to a dual flush toilet.

What I'm clueless on is the tile/paint/vanity (so pretty much everything but the sink).
For the tiles I have 3 favorites:

1 50s era penny rounds, or other similar
2 very large white glossy (glass?) modern tiles
3 darker slate tiles

The walls would depend on the tile, if its 1 or 2 then dark grey, if it is 3 then white

The vanity, again depending on the rest of the colors, but either a darker wood, or a shiny white.

I can't decide how much to stick with the era of the house vs something more modern.


  1. Stick with the era! Most people that come to my home are so impressed with my "original" tiles - I always explain that I actually installed them after ripping out new tile that had been put in by the previous owners.

    You may want to avoid glossy for the floor - you could slip after a shower!

    Anna at Door 16 has great examples of black penny tile with black grout. It's classic AND modern all at once.

  2. I do love that black penny tile! And black tile+black grout = not having to clean obsessively all the time :)

    Do you think you could still do a more modern square trough sink or would it look out of place?