Monday, June 1, 2009

Housing crush

I find myself getting really attached to one house at a time. And while I feel a little disappointed when it goes off the market, I always seem to get over it and move onto the next one which I decide is really actually better (what does this say about me?)

So meet my current housing crush. There are a few things which make it crushworthy. Such as this master bedroom:

What you cant see is the space on the other side with the room for the walk in closet. I'm pretty sure that make this bigger than the first few apartments we lived in. Which is kind of silly. But OMG WANT. I can totally see the gray room, with the wood either stained or painted, and maybe the fireplace too.

The second thing is the combo you see here:

On the one hand you have the open dining room, with huge glass doors, lovely redone floors (again what you dont see is the living room next to that with similarly nice floors and big windows). And on the other hand you have a kitchen which could use some updating (and even better with nice floors!) This combo is super. I have some very specific ideas (big surprise right?) about what I want the kitchen to look like, and while all the updated kitchens I've seen are very nice, they arent exactly what I want. But at the same time, who rips out a perfectly good kitchen just because the counters arent the right color (not me). So really I would rather find something where I have a good reason to change it. This house gets bonus points because the things I am not as picky about (the color of the wood floors for example) are already nicely done.

Its been on the market about 20 days, so it really seems that there is a chance it could be there in 2 more weeks, fingers crossed!! Of course I know I can always come up with another crush :)

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