Thursday, June 25, 2009

2 other houses for tomorrow

There is a second house on the same street as the new one (oops, forgot to name that one, lets call it "diagonal floor house"). So even though it is priced a tiny bit above the range we were thinking of, I will have a look tomorrow (the realtor says she thinks they might come down on the price).

A good name for it would be "pimped out house" (hmm, what if we end up with this one, i wonder if im going to regret that name...)

It is a bi-level, which has been all updated

With fancy bathrooms like this

And a kitchen like this

From the way the description is written, it sounds like only the master is on the upper level, and the other two bedrooms are on the lower level. Of course they have full sized windows, but I'm not sure how I feel about that (Megan, I know how you would feel about it!) But it will be fun to at least see the updates they have done and get an idea about the street.

The other house I am going to see is pretty much the opposite (although it is also just a smidge above the range we were originally thinking) and they don't even show pictures of the inside, just say that the house is pretty much original from when it was built (which would be 1967... which sounds like a good name, "that 60s house") It does however, have a pretty nice look from the outside.

And it is in one of the most desirable neighborhoods near the university (basically all the other houses are in the 700k - 1 million + range), would be walking distance to work for The Husband (instead of walking distance to transit), so it could be something to consider as a longer term project. It would need to be at least livable to start with though.

Should be an exciting day tomorrow!

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