Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The living room

I have more inspiration pics on my computer than will fit in this post as every time I see something I like I save it. It has actually been really instructive in defining what I want for the living room, rather than having to identify what exactly I like in a given picture I can see the common themes across all the ones I have saved (not very hard)

Lots of white walls, clean lines, wood floors with only small amounts covered with rugs. (and white eames rockers, i have a slight obsession. it took 6 months to convince The Husband that they were not too funny looking and I now have one. And 99% of the time he can be found sitting in it)

And here is what I have pulled together so far:

The chairs I have already, the couch is also basically the one we have. The main piece which is missing is the sideboard/media stand. This one pictured is from room and board (they have a few that I like), but I haven't given up hope on finding a true vintage one.

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