Thursday, June 4, 2009

White paint

This post has me thinking about white paint. For a long time I wanted a house so I could paint it how it want it, but now my tastes have evolved and its rooms with crisp white paint that make my heart beat a little faster.

But who knew there were so many colors of white?? I much prefer gray to beige so I'm thinking I would prefer something with those undertones, but I'm also stumped about the trim, same color white? different? Really I want to throw up my hands and just paint all the walls in a very very pale shade of gray with crisp white trim, but then I wonder if I will get over the gray phase?

Oh, and then there is the minor detail of the cats, who seem to have gotten our previously white doors a little dingy looking, so I guess it should be something pretty washable moreover.

What colors are the rooms in your house?


  1. After seeing white everything I feel regret for not painting my entire house (wood floors included) white. But I'm content with my decisions including a really pale creme (I like to call "glow"), a medium grey in the bedroom, a nice green in the dining room, and black and creme stripes in the hallway.

    I think white looks fantastic in photos and really shines in natural light - but consider that your house won't always be picture perfect. The sun goes down and artificial light can make white look harsh or stark.

    My good friend Liz just bought a home and is going with two shades of grey, white and wood floors for her palette. A very very pale grey and light medium grey will adorn the walls - a crisp white trim will add some contrast. I think it will look incredibly sophisticated.

  2. oh, good point about the lack of picture perfectness!
    You will have to tell me what pale grey she uses. I also wonder how it would look with our dark brown couch (its a chocolate brown linen), I wonder if grey is too cool?

  3. I'm surprised that Apartment Therapy list is so Benjamin Moore heavy. We went with Devine paints (a little more price wise but it really does cover up everything in 2 coats) and I don't know if I'd buy another brand.

    The boyfriend *really* wanted warm colors because of how gray it is here for 75% of the year so we have red in the bedroom & Ginseng (a color between taupe and gray) in the living area. We used vanilla for the halls and a glossy white in the kitchen. We might have gotten more adventurous in the kitchen but our goal really was to just cover up the light orange the previous owner used.