Sunday, June 7, 2009

Security systems

I've never lived in a home with a security system but I'm thinking about getting one for the new place. I have an irrational fear that people will be hiding in the closets and jump out when I'm sleeping. Now this makes very little sense, especially because the way I usually deal with it is checking the 2 closets in our house before I got to bed if I'm home alone, and I have no actual plan for what I would do if I found someone in the closet. But there you go, it makes me feel better when I do go to bed. I do the same in hotel rooms (and also under the bed). This isnt such a problem in a 600 sq ft apartment, but it seems impractical in a house. And moreover after so many years in apartments, being in a house on the ground floor, with all those windows, makes me feel so exposed.

I suppose the companies will be different up in Canada, but any words of advice regarding security systems?

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  1. I have one. If we buy a house without one, I'll get one installed. You and I have discussed our irrational fears - it just makes me feel safer. (Unless I start to think of all the ways someone could get around the system.) Like you, I have no plan for what I'd do if the alarm were to sound while I was sleeping...