Friday, June 26, 2009

Pictures don't tell the whole truth

Back from the morning with the realtor. The rundown on the houses:

Diagonal floor house - this actually had an offer in already but we went to check it out. For the price I felt like it was just kind of "meh". It had some serious noise from the road a few blocks away, and other than the cute outside shape, in person it was underwhelming

Pimped out house - Being on the same street as diagonal floor house, it had the same road noise. The first level was dominated by a giant island in the kitchen, leaving not much space for a living area and table. The master bedroom was GIANT, I think the bedroom + closet + bathroom was bigger than our last apartment. And as a result the other two bedrooms were on the lower level of the bi-level. Too pimped out for us.

That 60s house - This one will be renamed "hot mess house". It is being lived in by university students (apparently one of them partially owns it with their parents or something?) And they are all boys. And just wow. BUUUTTT I was able to see beyond the piles of dirty dishes, empty bottles, and other random stuff strewn around the floor to realize that it has potential. It would need to have new floors put down, and possibly the kitchen done, but much of the rest could be given a good cleaning and be livable until we decided to change it. The layout is great, the neighborhood is PERFECT. And don't they always say "location first!"
So the realtor is going to pull comps for the area and I'm going to go back for a second look and put in a first low offer. We want to see if they are willing to negotiate on price at all (it is a bit above what we were thinking given the updates - and i think overpriced for the condition as well). Fingers crossed!!!!

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