Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hurry up and wait

With one week left to go there is lots and lots to be done here and limited time for thinking about the new house.
I'm selling off everything electronic which won't work on 110 V. I had considered messing with converters, transformers, etc. but it feels good to make a clean break, and with the high prices for electronics here, the used prices i can get for things will almost cover new stuff in Canada.

The Realtor wrote to ask when she should send the updated listings for us to look over. (I was so excited to get her mail, she is turning out to be really great, especially as far as being responsive and proactive, I had thought I would need to reminder her to send it to us but she beat me to it. Given that I'm a horrible impatient person this is a huge plus). She will send them this weekend and we will have another look through. But given that we went through the last list pretty closely, and are getting any updates by mail, I don't expect a big change to the list of homes to visit. There are 3 on the list which seems like a good number. (Of course this can change as they may sell before then).

So not much else to say around here, but I'm sure things will pickup again soon!

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