Sunday, August 30, 2009

blogging about home improvement is hard

after all the energy it takes to do the stuff, i have 0 left to write about it/post pictures.
but rest assured it does continue. highlights of today include:
- making our hedges have nice flat edges. I've never had hedges before but I love them, they are so green and pretty and square. I want to put them all along the fence in the backyard
- installing a door knob on the door we had put up to the 3rd level/basement (it is not really a basement, it is only half underground, but whatever). this will be the cats room, so it has a locking door knob on it, as in, lock them in the basement. This freaks me out a little (to have a door knob that you can use to lock the door from the outside), but less so because it is one of those safety bathroom door knobs you can unlock with the side of your fingernail (but hopefully you as in person you, not cat you). And then more so because my Austrian husband found it totally normal to install a locking door knob into a room (insert comments about Austrian tradition of locking your family up in the basement here).

So, as you can see, things are happening. Boxes (with the exception of the books) are all unpacked. And... interior designer is coming over on Friday for a 2 hr consultation about the living room. Woo hoo!

Pictures and all that good stuff to follow.


  1. Can your cats open doors that aren't locked?

  2. the can open sliding doors that aren't heavy, and if a door is shut but not totally latched they could push on it and open it at our old place (like when you shut a door and it doesnt click all the way)

  3. Blogging about renovations can be tough, at least for us and our renovation I always felt too tired to blog as much as I wanted to! And now that most of the renovations (that we can afford right now) are done, I have trouble coming up with things to blog about which makes me sad because I like having our little blog.