Sunday, August 2, 2009


Mostly just waiting (and working like crazy) so not much of interest to report. But today we went to the house to meet with the seller and learn about the plants (we apparently have a big bunch of raspberry bushes, score!)

And as a bonus she asked us if we needed a bed, because she has a teak bed with attached nightstands she doesn't need... um, YES PLEASE!
I didn't snap a photo or anything, because that would have seemed weird, but it looks something like this (picture snagged from here)

Granted I'm sure it isn't in as perfect condition as this one, but for free, already in my house?? When I have been searching the web/everywhere for a bed and nightstands? How more perfect can it get?

That just leaves me with the paint, I have approximately 45 gray paint samples layed out on the floor in front of me. There are a few I keep coming back to, but then I end up thinking they are too blue, or too putty colored, etc. Has anyone painted a room in Benjamin Moore Metropolitan AF-690??


  1. that is sweet! do you have a mattress that fits it?

  2. I do! I think at least ... We have a queen sized mattress, but from IKEA.

    They seemed to have it set up with a box spring, but i would be surprised if it isnt the kind of bed you can use without one (with just the slats) as it looked like the mattress was sitting up pretty high as they had it.

  3. Hi there! I came across your blog as I was google image searching BM's Metropolitan. I came across the post and I was floored! I do believe that bed is the exact same one my parents had (my mom now has) from the 70s. I just showed it to my dad and he said, absolutely, yes, that is the same bed! I must tell you, he loved that bed. He said it is of great quality.

    I now have the original mattress from the bed. Can you believe it? A foam mattress from the 70's complete with a brown plaid liner. It is the best mattress I've ever slept on.

    I hope you enjoy the bed. It's beautiful!

  4. I'm the mom who has the same bed! It's 30 years old and still looks like new. Good solid wood like you rarely see anymore. Any queen-sized mattress fits -- I've used several over the years, including a "sleep number" mattress. The 6" foam gave it a sleeker, more modern look, though. And there's no need for a box spring -- the slats are fully supportive.

  5. That is really funny! Ours is slightly different (it has floating nightstands instead), but I love it.
    We ended up needing to get a new mattress for it, because the queen sized mattresses in Europe are a slightly different size, but it works great with the new mattress (and no boxspring, ive actually never had a bed with a boxspring).

  6. I apologize, Sara. I didn't see that the photo you posted wasn't your actual bed. It got me all excited! Your REAL bed is great, though. I really love your style and will be following your blog :)