Wednesday, August 19, 2009


i finished the second coat of paint today, Benjamin Moore Metropolitan, which turned out to be exactly the not too light, not too dark, totally neutral, gray I was looking for!

I suck at taking "before" photos as I'm just too excited to jump right in, so you are going to have to use your imagination and picture the whole room in this pink color:

and now:

i need a second pair of hands to help me bring the rest of the bed in the room (those are just the floating nightstands), and i need to hang the pictures and get some window covering.

For the pictures, I'm thinking white frames would look best, IKEA has their RIBBA frames in white now. For the window covering I'm unsure. Either white wooden blinds or some kind of curtains? Any thoughts?


  1. It looks great! But how do you have time to do this?

  2. Looks great! What on earth is that pink thing?

  3. Thanks :)

    After a crazy week I'm not staffed this week.

    And Megan, it is one of the doors to the upper part of the closet (the part that is open in the closet pictures because i havent painted it yet, but maybe we should just pretend it is supposed to be like that). It is sitting on top of a table top in that picture.

  4. Ah ha! I get it now. I didn't realize doors went in that space. It looks cool without them and then you can display something there. Of course, it's much more practical with the doors.