Tuesday, September 1, 2009

bedroom, again

it is inching along but getting closer to being done. the two main unfinished items are the window covering and the bedside lamps

for window covering, it is a very wide but short window. i was thinking honeycomb blinds, as i think floor length curtains might be too fussy, but then if they are plain white maybe it would work. long window is annoying because it = custom necessary. none of the off the shelf honeycomb blinds are wide enough. same with most of the curtain rods. (i didnt see the point in paying for temporary shades so that is some packing paper taped up to the window frame, classy!)

for the bedside lamps, i had a square one for me, but it got a little crowded on the nightstand now that the clock radio is here. im thinking maybe little ones you can clip onto the headboard above the nightstand, something in chrome?


  1. Gray + Yellow + White = favorites!

  2. LOVE the color scheme. The grey is PERFECT. And I love the idea of clamp on lamps. I think it would fit the tone of what's already going on here.

  3. I really love the colors too, excellent choices! And that print...I always drool when I see it :) (the cat is ofcourse cute too!)

  4. where did you get that print? I love it!!
    what about reading lamps that attach to the wall instead of the headboard. or you can do what we do... use headlamps! :)

  5. The print is from http://www.goodshapedesign.com/
    (i also go the red flock print).

    I like the idea of wall mounted lights also, i just have to find the right thing (love the ones Katja has!)