Friday, May 22, 2009


Only a few weeks left to search the Geneva thrift stores for gems before we move. I already have a few great pieces I've picked up for next to nothing. They are all coming with me (well, to be accurate they are all going in a container on a big container ship, I will be getting to Canada via airplane. I am however quite disappointed that I won't be here when the big container comes on the truck down our street to pick up everything. It reminds me of when I was little and we had a new roof put on the house and a big crane came and it was the big excitement of the neighborhood).


Here is one of the furniture pieces that is coming along (I'll share the others as well):

The items on top are also all thrifted. But look, a typewriter, something other than white and black!

And here is what it looked like in the middle of the sanding and staining

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  1. So are gonna give me all of your thift store sectets here is geneva? Emmaus maybe?

    I am sooooooo happy that you have started up anoter blog! Really enjoying reading about your adventure. You have a great laid back outlook on it all and that is refreshing.