Thursday, May 21, 2009


I don't yet have a feeling how I want to decorate the walls, but I do have my eyes on a few prints I've liked for a while

This print is called air lines and it is a map of all the scheduled flights on a given day. It appeals to me for a few reasons, flying and traveling the world is a big part of our life, husband really likes maps in all shapes and forms, and i also just like how it looks very graphic and I think it would be striking given the size (A0 poster, so BIG)

This print I love but I've been debating for months now, mostly because I can't decide between the black and white version (am I going to end up with a black and white house?) and the red version (but I'm not sure that I'm really up for the red). Also because I like a few of the others (rising of the setting sun and the new sammy seagull).

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