Sunday, December 13, 2009

If you give a mouse a cookie...

You know that book? Where you start with the cookie and you end up with, um, a bunch of things (I don't know what exactly, but a lot of stuff). That is how I feel about our bathroom. I would like to spruce it up a bit, the shower and tub are actually in pretty good shape, but it starts with needing a coat of paint.

Of course if I give it a coat of paint, I'm going to want to paint behind the toilet.

And if I have to remove the toilet to get it really well painted back there (I want to go from white to a dark charcoal, so it needs to get done well), I will want to replace it with a dual flush model.

And if I'm changing the toilet, I will want to have tiles laid down (it is currently a laminte, which is just sort of eh, and the whole room can't be more than like 15 sq ft so it wouldn't cost that much_

And if I get a new floor, I will want to change out the vanity (a sort of blah 80s thing which isn't wide enough for 2 sinks, would love to replace it with a trough sink with two faucets on top of a simple clean line vanity).

At which point the desire to put some paint on the walls means a whole bathroom redo.

I wonder how much that would cost...

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  1. Oh, I totally know the feeling about the's how I feel about many things in our house. Mouse Cookie (that's what we call it!) is a circle story, so you would have to end up repainting the bathroom after you replaced everything else! The good news (sort of) is that they make a tiny little roller that you can use to get behind the toilet, so you shouldn't have to remove it. We've done it a bunch of times.