Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winner winner!!

The gus modern sectionals I love are currently on sale for $600 off! And this is pretty much the first piece of furniture I wanted to get (our little Habitat love seat is going to be lost in that sea of a living room. Score.

We are going to go check them out this weekend.

I'm thinking of one of the darker grey fabrics, and there are two different models I like, any favorites between the two??



I originally fell for the second one, but the first one is kind of growing on me and gaining ground. But I wonder about the practicality/durability of having the bottom cushions attached? On the other hand, it means they cant slide off like they do with our current couch...

1 comment:

  1. both are gorgeous! I like the first one with the throw pillows. It looks a little bit more inviting to sit on and cozy up. But, you'd have to leave the wine and messy food at the dining table (in case of spills... no chance to flip over cushions to hide stains!)