Saturday, July 11, 2009

simple bed

Back to the drawing board for the bed question. IKEA has a new metal frame Rebbenes that might be just the thing:

(simple, right?)

what i cant figure out is if it works the same as all their other bed frames? As in can it be used with the wooden slats and just a mattress (both of which we have from the last IKEA bed)? The description here does talk about "mattress bases in the SULTAN series" but does this mean only the box spring style ones IKEA started making? Something to be investigated...

As for the nightstands, I haven't come across anything I love yet. I think they will be the only furniture in the room really (the closet is large enough for Christoph's clothing) so I'm willing to spend a little more to have them be just right.

I do like the low knoll side tables but the husband is insistent on something with drawers to reduce the clutter (and i am known to have piles of books, magazines, jewelery, etc, so it is a fair point)

So the search continues...

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