Saturday, July 4, 2009

My room

As described below it looks like plans are shaping up to give me my very own room for sewing/crafts/closet space (this is partially because I have a totally awesome husband, and partially because he knows I make a mess of my sewing space and this way he won't have to look at it).

I haven't even started to think about how this room could be arranged. I know I want to use one of the BIG tables we have as a workspace, it will have my red ikea cabinet to store the crafty supplies. There is a small closet in the room, but maybe I will put a second IKEA wardrobe in there for more space?

And what about the colors? I am going to do very pale gray, along with white, and a slightly darker gray in the rest of the house. But this room?

I do know that we want to get all our stuff in and live with it for a while before we go crazy getting new things, but I'm excited to see how this unexpected space will turn out.

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  1. Congrats on the house. I can't believe the amount of sewing I've done in the past month and a half (especially given that my weekends are dominated by working on the house). I attribute that substantially to the fact that I have my own space to make things.